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A Good For You Challenge Workout!

We wanted to host an outdoor workout at Thornton Middle School on Thursday, but I learned that people are actually calling the police and reporting gatherings. WTF?!?!? While I don’t think the police would arrest or cite any of us, I really don’t want to trouble an already busy police department in dealing with the report of a bunch of people gathered together running around the track with medicine balls and doing burpees, all while having a good time together. Let’s play it out and see if we can do something next week.

Sooooo…. To give you some incentive to get out of the house, I am throwing down a challenge workout for this Saturday. It’s not expected to rain, so its a good day to get out of the house (I’m going to cycle). If you complete the challenge as per the instructions, you will earn yourself a free piece of GFY apparel (socks not included….sorry).

The Alameda Creek Trail is officially open (bathroom facilities are closed) and using the trail is acceptable per the Shelter In Place. This is a picture of the parking lot entry at the Alameda Creek Trail Isherwood Staging Area located at Isherwood and Paseo Padre:

This is a picture of the railroad bridge over the Alameda Creek Trail at the end of Niles Boulevard (That’s Mission Boulevard in the distance):

The distance between the two landmarks is about 2.5 miles. The challenge is for you to run, walk, sprint, jog, or burpee broad jump (lol) from the staging area to the railroad bridge. You must take a picture of yourself at the staging area and a picture of yourself at the bridge. You must post both the pictures by Saturday night at 11:59 PM in our GFY CrossFit Facebook group (not the page), or your Instagram account. Your post must include the hashtag #GFYoutdoorchallenge so that I can readily find it on Sunday morning. If you do not have Facebook or IG (what the hell is wrong with you…..haha), you can email the photos to me and I will post them on both the IG and FB platforms, BUT, if I find out you had an account and were too lazy to do  it yourself, BURPEES FOR EVERYONE!

I hope you can all participate. I’m really looking forward to seeing some of your posts.

Please know we are doing he best we can to come up with good workouts for you to do at home while the gym is closed. If any of you have suggestions for challenge workouts or home workouts, please let us know!

Stay Healthy.

WORKOUT   3/19/2020

1- 3 rounds of:

  • 4 Minute Run (2 minutes out and back or 4 minutes straight)
  • 1 Minute Rest

2- [:40 Work + :20 Rest] X 6

  • Odd Rounds- Plank Hold
  • Even Rounds- Wall Sit

*This whole workout can be run on a 36 minute clock.