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Well folks, Halloween is over. That means it is now officially the Holiday Season. Thanksgiving is 21 days away. Christmas follows shortly after. New Year’s Eve debauchery goes down, and the next thing you know, it is the New Year. You promise yourself to get back on track, but your first day in the gym in 2019 will feel like your first time in the gym ever.

A lot of things happen during the Holidays that can derail you from a year’s worth of fitness improvement in the matter of 8 weeks.

  • It gets dark earlier. You may not think much of this, but when the clock changes this weekend, you will feel lazier. Day’s are shorter, and we are wired to sleep during the hours of darkness. The later you stay up and the earlier you get up, you are messing your body up. Try and go to sleep an hour earlier than you do during the spring/summer. Your body needs the sleep.
  • It gets colder. Lets face it (especially you people that work out at 6am). Being warm and cozy is so comforting. Who the hell wants to go from warm and cozy to cold? Then from cold to uncomfortable during a workout? Staying in bed is so much easier. Going home from work and curling up on the couch under a blanket while watching Netflix and drinking hot chocolate always sounds better than the gym. Get your mind right. Be human. Treat yourself every now and then, but don’t break a habit that took months to form just for the sake of comfortable laziness.
  • Parties….all the parties. Family parties. Work parties. Kids school parties. Parties with close friends. Gym parties. Party party party!!! Parties are great and I will be the last one to tell someone not to go to a party. Just remember that every party you go to does not mean you do shots until the booze is gone. Every party that you go to does not mean to over indulge in “party food” because, “Hey, it’s a party!”. Try eating a nice home cooked meal before you head out the door to you next Holiday party. You might be surprised at how less tempted you will be to eat and drink in abundance.
  • FOOD! Fuck the holidays. Food is everywhere! There are desserts in your break rooms. There are bowls of candy at stores you frequent. People give you candy and desserts as gifts. Potluck lunches and dinners. Thanksgiving dinner. Thanksgiving dinner leftovers. Thanksgiving dessert! Take the last three items, remove Thanksgiving and add Christmas. All the food! Don’t make food the highlight of your Holiday Season. Eat what you want! But…… eat slowly. If you don’t normally make yourself two plates full of food during a normal meal, there is no need for you to do it during a Holiday meal. Try everything, but try them in much smaller portions. Also, wait five to ten minutes before you go back for seconds. Give your stomach time to sync with your brain and tell your brain you are feeling like a beached whale.
  • Alcohol-  Alcohol is totally okay. Forget I even mentioned it.
  • Totally kidding. Alcohol is not good for you. If you decide to to overindulge pick your battles and don’t make every time you take a sip of booze an excuse to get totally fucked up. If you normally go to a party or social gathering and drink a couple drinks, try and keep on par with your norm.
  • THE HOLIDAYS ARE A PERFECT EXCUSE TO GIVE UP. The shit we do is hard. A work party here. A kid’s school event there. Skip one day. Skip two or three days. The next thing you know, you realize that training and trying to be a better healthier you is work and being lazy is so much easier. Don’t give up the fight!

Happy Holidays to all of GFY Land.


WORKOUT   11/1/2018

  • 10 minutes to establish a 10 Rep Sumo Deadlift

Start the clock with an empty bar and no warm-up lifts.


Complete the following for time:

  • Calorie Row (M:100/W:70)
  • 80 Air Squats
  • 60 Pull-ups
  • 400m Run
  • 20 Power Cleans (M:135#/W:95#)

*20 minute time cap.