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Back in 2011, I wrote a series of blog posts on the Crossfit One World blog that were entitled “Something All Humans Should Know How To Do.” Today during our push jerk strength session, I got caught up in talking about the ability to throw a good punch, and it reminded me about this post. Took me a few Google search inquiries to find it, but as promised to the 6pm class, Here it is:

Every human should know how to throw a good punch. I’m not talking about that street fighting crap you see on the Vegas strip on New Year’s Eve. You know what I’m talking about… two guys swinging each other around by their clothing and throwing loopy haymakers that don’t do jack shit on contact. I’m talking about throwing a solid punch. One that comes from the hips and upon contact rocks your opponent’s world. 

A punch is truly a functional movement when defined as “a movement that is core to extremity.” Yes, a guy with huge arms and shoulders may throw a pretty good punch using just arm strength, but even the littlelest of people can drop you with a good punch that starts in the hips, builds through the torso, gains power in the arm extension, and comes to full power at the end of their fist. It is an extremely athletic movement and a thing of beauty to behold.  

Why should every human know how to throw a good punch? Self preservation comes to mind. Listen to Tony Blauer talk about the mindset of an attacker. They don’t want to get caught, and they don’t want to get hurt. The guy who wants to attack you or intimidate you doesn’t expect you to strike them. They use your fear to get what they want. Hurt an attacker and you have a good chance that they will cease the attack. 

I am not a man of violence. I prefer a fight in the ring much more than a fight in the street. But I have to admit, hitting someone with a perfect punch is a truly wonderful experience. There is nothing like hitting someone so hard that their eyes roll back in their head and they get wobbly at the knees. Of course the flip side of that sucks ass. If you’ve never been hit straight in the nose with a perfect shot or had your bell rung, that’s something you should experience too. You’re less fearful of having to fight if you’ve been clocked before.

Learning to throw a good punch (and learning general fighting skills) is a great way to walk around with a bit of self confidence, another deterrent to a bad person wanting to make you a victim. Being “Fit as F**k” is great, but learn some good self defense skills too!! It might save your life or a loved one’s life one day. 

P.S.- If you ever get really bored and want to read me rambling on for 8 years about CrossFit and a metric shit ton of my other thoughts about life in general, surf the archives of crossfitoneworld.typepad.com.


WORKOUT   1/9/2018

  • 5×5  Sumo Deadlift (add 5#-30# to last 5×5 load)

Complete 3 rounds of:

  • 1 minute to complete 150m Run
  • 1 minute Max Reps American Kettlebell Swings (M:70#/W:53#)
  • 1 minute Max Rep Box Jumps (M:24″/W:20″)
  • 1 minute Rest

*Score total reps per round