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This from Abhi in Costa Rica. What a smart guy. All girls in the class. Haha.

Hi Freddy/Chyna,
I am in Costa Rica for a week. I was going to do a lot of hiking but ran into a little box in a quiet beach town. I asked told the coach I only had my heavy hiking shoes and if he would let me do the work out sans shoes. Rest is history! See the attached picture. For a change I am not the last one to finish the WOD. At least not in Costa Rica! See you all next week.


WORKOUT   5/8/2019

  • 4×2 Overhead Squat (add 5#-20# to last OHS Double /Single load)
  • 2×1 Overhead Squat (same weight)

On the minute for 12 minutes:

  • Minute 1- 150m Run
  • Minute 2- 3 Power Snatches + 6 Overhead Squats (M:155#/W:80#)
  • Minute 3- 15 Box Jump (M:24″/W:20″)