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Apologies for not posting the workout last night. Chyna and I are still in Salinas dealing with a personal family matter. I’m working off my phone. Here is the workout for Thursday: 1.) Snatch.        12 minutes to establish a 1RM. *** No adding weight or warming up...


WORKOUT   1/14/2020 STRENGTH 3x6  Front Squat (pick weight) 3x3  Front Squat (add 10# - 30#) CONDITIONING Complete 10/15/20/15/10 reps for time: Front Squat (M:115#/80#) Pull-up *Target time is 8:00. Time cap is 12:00.


WORKOUT   1/13/2020 STRENGTH Week #3 of Random Strength Cycle On the minute fro 10 minutes: Odd Minutes- 50 Double Unders (75 Singles) Even Minutes- 5 Push Press (pick weight/same for all sets) CONDITIONING 20 minutes to complete the following: 75/60 Calorie Row 50...


WORKOUT   1/10/2020 STRENGTH 4x3 Split Jerk (pick weight) 4x2 Split Jerk (add 5#-30#) CONDITIONING Complete 3 rounds of: 1 Minute to Run 150m 1 Minute Max Rep Calorie Bike 1 Minute Max Rep Dumbbell Hang Power Clean + Split Jerk (pick weight) 1 Minute Max Rep Box Jump...


WORKOUT   1/9/2020 STRENGTH 3 x 6 Deadlift (pick weight) 3 x 3 Deadlift (add 10#-40#) CONDITIONING Complete 12/8/4/8/12 reps for time of: Deadlift (M:275#/W:185#) Handstand Push-up *Sub DB Push Press for HSPU. Target Time is 7:00. Time cap is...


WORKOUT   1/8/2020 STRENGTH 4 x 8 reps Back Squat every 3 minutes CONDITIONING Every 6 minutes for 18 minutes: 400m/350m Row 40 Air Squats 200m Run *Score fastest and slowest time. Target time is 3:15 - 3:45. CARDIO CROSSFIT 1- Complete as many rounds as possible in...


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