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Tonight, I was coaching Mandeep, one of our newer athletes. It was a short workout. The time cap was 11 minutes and everyone ended up well below the cap. At some point during the workout, I saw Mandeep walking across the gym away from his bar. “Mandeep, what was your time?” “I’m not done yet. 10 reps left. I’m getting some water.” “What the fuck?? Get back to your bar bro!!!”

Funny thing is that as soon as Mandeep finished, he didn’t walk to his water bottle. He cleaned all his equipment and put it away. He got that “must have gulp” of water several minutes after the workout.

It was 97 degrees outside the gym today. Pretty fucking hot inside too. Water is a necessity in these conditions. You should be well hydrated throughout the day (hot day or cold day). You should also hydrate throughout the rest of the day after your workout. Guess what…… If you don’t drink water through an 11 minute workout, YOU WILL NOT DIE!!! Actually, if you go a few days without drinking water, you will feel pretty shitty, but you still won’t die! (Watch Naked and Afraid and tell me I’m wrong.)

I will never make it a gym rule to not drink water during a workout, It’s all good. CrossFit is about intensity. Moving large loads as quickly as possible. Intensity is what makes CrossFit work. We all have tricks as to how we take a break from intensity. A water break is the number two break from intensity. (Chalking your hands is the number one.) Water breaks are a crutch, even when it is hot AF in the gym. Try to suck it up. The reward of a chugging water after the workout is way more rewarding than those few unappreciative gulps you take during a the workout.



WORKOUT   6/12/2019

  • Take 30 minutes to establish a 1 Rep Max Front Squat

Complete as many rounds as possible in 8 minutes of:

  • 50 Double Unders
  • 25 Wall Balls (M:20#-10’/W:14#-9′)