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WORKOUT   7/2/2020 Start a 12 minute running clock. 15 Push-ups 10 Alternating Step-ups 15 Push-ups 20 Alternating Step-ups 15 Push-ups 30 Alternating Step-ups *Continue adding 10 alternating step-ups every round until time expires


WORKOUT   7/1/2020 6 x [2:00 Work + 1:30 Rest] 10 Burpees 200m run Max Rep Sit-ups remainder of time *Score total sit-ups for all six rounds


I was hoping that things were going to progress and we could open sometime in July, but the news from the county is grim. The extension into the next phase of opening has been extended. Many counties in California are again closing businesses that were briefly open....


WORKOUT   6/29/2020 Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of: 200m Run 10 Swinging Lunges (5/5) 200m Run 10 Hand Release Push-ups 10 Regular Push-ups


https://youtu.be/CWaiZxgrBGY WORKOUT   6/26/2020 1)  "Annie" Complete 50/40/30/20/10 reps for time of: Double Unders Abmat Sit-ups 2)  3 sets: 10 Right Leg Hip Bridges :15 Right Leg Bridge Hold 10 Left Leg Hip Bridges :15 Left Leg Bridge Hold 10 Hip Bridges *Rest as...


CrossFit was sold to this guy. I wasn't expecting that either! ***** WORKOUT  6/25/2020 Complete 3 rounds: 400m Run :30 Static Lunge Hold (Right Leg) :30 Static Lunge Hold (Left Leg) 400m Run :30 Wall Sit :30 Max Air Squats *Rest 2 minutes between...


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