Chyna Cho

Head Coach / Owner

I was a swimmer growing up. I swam age group, in high school, and in college. I coached age group swimming for 6 years before I became a full time...

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Freddy Camacho

Owner & Coach

Owner and coach at Good For You CrossFit. I retired from police work in 2018. I was a sergeant at the Union City Police Department. Over the course...

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Thomas Wu


I grew up always participating in sports, but I was never really athletic. One sport that I stuck with when I was in grade school was swimming, but I...

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Anhtoan Nguyen

I currently serve full time as a Master Sergeant in the United Stated Air Force. I discovered Crossfit through being in the military. Before Crossfit...

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Jay Kwon

My main career is as a pilot, which I was lucky to begin during high school. I continued the path of balancing high school football and flying, until...

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Wendy Jensen

I am the perfect example of somebody who walked into a CrossFit gym and was completely intimidated. I was not a high school athlete. I danced growing...

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