Chyna, Freddy and Thomas know me better than I know myself. They always work with me to ensure proper form and help me understand when I should move up in weight or scale down a workout. Because of them I am confident during the workouts, feel safe and have accomplished so much!
I always thought CrossFit was something that I was too out of shape for but Lina convinced us to try it. I discovered that everything is scaled so that it is doable yet challenging and it ends up being very fulfilling and fun! Thx to the coaches for the experience!
I don’t just come here for the awesome programming that’s helping to make me a better athlete. I’m here building lasting friendships with some pretty awesome people.
Since I began CrossFit in 2010, this is the first gym I’ve been to where the programming is spot on. It’s also the only gym I’ve been to where there’s no athlete/coach drama!
The coaches here know their stuff, always emphasizing great form first while still making sure you get a great workout. Because of them I'm in better shape than I've ever been. My only regret is that I didn't start sooner!